OrbusVR prepares for its wild zones and endgame dungeons for beta 3


It might seem a little early in OrbusVR’s life cycle to be super invested in the endgame, but the release of the game’s third closed beta on Friday marks a shift in its development pattern. The game is no longer just about making things work, but about letting people know what the game is all about. So it’s probably for the best that the game is talking about its endgame content like the Wild Zones, dangerous areas with deadly beasts, powerful crafting items, and limited open PvP (you can’t loot items like equipped gear, and you’ll be marked as a bandit for attacking unprovoked, but you can steal crafting items).

Not your sort of endgame? That’s fine; the game also has endgame dungeons to drop powerful gear, so you can avoid that PvP if you’d rather. There’s the basic Tradua Mines dungeon to explore, and beyond that you can collect Essence Shards to turn even leveling dungeons into more powerful challenges that will force you to fight your way through. So you have a few options for what sort of endgame you wish to explore.

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Melissa McDonald

PvP in VR. The most immersive teabagging you’ve ever experienced.

… just saying what y’all are thinking.

I’m disappointed that they’re making these decisions. A game I would have absolutely played, now drops off my radar. PvP is optional? Sorta. You miss out on content and you can’t gather crafting materials without putting yourself in danger from other players. Heavy dramatic sigh…