Bluehole’s Project W to be revealed at G-Star 2017

And on the end of the gun... was a HOOK!

We first asked what Project W was about a year ago, and we still don’t know the answer. We know that it’s being made by Bluehole Studios, the same people who made TERA, and we know that the latest preview image is the size of a postage stamp and features guns. (We have used a picture of a gun as our header out of respect.) But we still don’t know what it actually is. Fortunately, we will once G-star 2017 rolls around, because that’s when it’s being revealed.

The good news is that since Bluehole is also behind the horribly named but screamingly popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds the odds are that it shan’t be another survival shooter. What will it be? Will there be giant robots? Is it an MMO? We’re just going to have to wait on that one.

Source: MMO Culture
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