Uncharted Waters Online relaunches today


Uncharted Waters Online is dead, long live Uncharted Waters Online!

For the past few weeks, the old version of UWO has been offline following the conclusion of OGPlanet’s stewardship of the sailing MMO. This was done in preparation for today’s relaunch of the game under the operation of Papaya Play.

The relaunch comes with the disappointing news that player progress will be completely wiped. However, there are extra incentives to going through the hassle of setting up a new character, as all linked legacy accounts will get special founder’s rewards such as boosts and ship parts.

Papaya said that the wind is at the back of this project: “The UWO Team will be using the relaunch through Papaya Play as an opportunity to revamp many aspects of PvP battles, including plundered items and deck battle frequency, plus a number of other system rebalances. Due to the technical nature of the relaunch, however, all existing player progress and items from OGP will unfortunately be lost, and the game world/economy will undergo a complete reset.”

Source: Uncharted Waters Online. Thanks Strana!
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Nemui Byakko

For those, who never played UWO, the video in the article is bad intro. This is much better presentation: https://youtu.be/7H2WwFnCmJ4
Complete start over in the game as grindy as EVE is… incredible shocking. Well, at least it is good time for the new players…


This isn’t the first time UWO has changed hands. The thing is that the character progress was never reset before when it would change. People have years of work and spending that they’d stick to if they didn’t have to lose it, but I can’t see the game doing very well completely starting over. I can’t see this one doing that well through a re-launch really unless a huge amount of stuff was changed.

There’s no way I’m starting over, so I finally have a reason to take a game off my play rotation. Good luck to those staying and trying.

TotalCowage .

I didn’t hear about this until long after they’d shut down the original OGP servers; the email from Papaya only came to me telling me about it a few days ago.

The thing you have to know about UWO is that it’s an enormous grind game. I only ever got to half way through the level cap, and I’d had my account for 5-6 years and put in maybe 1,000 hours here and there over them. As a consequence, the last few years of expansions I’d never even seen, as I was nowhere near being able to take part in them. Most of the seasonal events were targeted at people L60+ too…

There was also a huge Loot Box economy in game, all the best ships, parts etc were from the boxes (bottles in game) and prices dictated by the exchange rates to store purchases. I got a lovely low level ship for Adventurers, my chosen profession, from the first ever bottle, but largely crap from the 4-6 after that (which makes me suspect they’d rigged the odds for the first one, but anyway), so even having spent £30 or I think in the store, I was still way behind in ability to engage.

And all of that is gone with the server wipe. Years of grind? Gone. All that money you spent, and all the essential items in game? Gone.

Who is likely to want to face years again just to get back where they were, and then re-spend the money as well? I’m sure some will, the addiction of watching those levels raise within a naval themed skinner box is pleasure enough; but for me, the sheer contempt shown for not even keeping people’s accounts has broken my interest.

Raimo Kangasniemi

Wiping out player progress sounds like a sheer laziness.


Anywhere I can go to learn what they revamped about the PvP battles? UWO is a game I was really tempted to play in the past,but ended avoiding due to it having non-consensual PvP.

TotalCowage .

Dunno about the revamp, but before it went down PvP had been changed so that you couldn’t have ship parts looted if you were defeated; no more losing those million to billion dollar essential parts. There are also add on store items (Blue Flags) to stop you being attacked at all… and the population was so small on the western server you’d virtually never be attacked anyway; only the really high trade areas with limited geography were risky.

But yes, outside of European waters, most of the game was non-consent PvP, and I presume still will be. I say presume because I won’t be re-opening my account…


my dog just died, my car broke down, and my roof has a massive leak. But this news makes everything ok again! UWO lives! Goodbye real world, hello non-stop sailing!

Strana M

client currently available on their website for download and launch is at 4pm pst today.


Honestly this is a cool game to get in on the ground floor with, as long as your ok with a tutorial that takes a couple of days. Hint don’t start with the class you want to be.

Paarthurnax Dragonhearth

Yay …. -_- what a great game we might have lost if it wasn’t for this relaunch !

A Dad Supreme

“…, all existing player progress and items from OGP will unfortunately be lost, and the game world/economy will undergo a complete reset.”

From Uncharted Waters Online to Uncharted Waters Offline to Uncharted Waters Online without Your Original Data.

Something tells me this game’s journey still has one more conversion left to go…