Closers opens up its final alpha weekend to everyone


Here’s an intriguing option for your weekend plans: Pour a tall glass of cel-shaded anime combat and down it before the buzzer sounds for the end of an alpha.

Closers has opened up its final alpha weekend to any and everyone who would like to take a peek at this title before it barrels into beta and beyond. The test begins on Friday and, again, it’s completely public: “If you signed up, you will get access; if you sign up before the alpha weekend ends, you will get access; if you want to play with your friend, tell them to sign up, and THEY WILL GET ACCESS!”

Massively OP’s MJ took a look at Closers during PAX West, during which she got a crash course in this episodic anime MMO. “As unfamiliar as I was with the controller and all the controls, the game was easy to pick up and get into,” MJ noted.

Source: Closers

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Meanwhile the private server is seeing a huge increase in players …

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I thought the game was really fun, fast paced. The controls were as little weird as wasd and mouse is what I am used to. Overall, I think the game was well worth a look.