Funcom has delayed Conan Exiles’ launch to Q2 2018

Funcom announced this morning that it’s delaying Conan Exiles’ formal launch, this time to Q2 2018.

“We’ve been looking at our development roadmap for Conan Exiles, and considering the level of quality and polish we would like to meet before full release,” the studio told followers on social media. “Making sure that Conan Exiles is of a high technical and gameplay quality is our number one priority right now. As such, we have decided to take a little more time than we had originally planned, to make sure we get as much polish in as we can before it moves out of Early Access. So we’re pushing the release date from Q1 2018 to early Q2 2018. It’s not a major shift in release window, but it will make a significant difference on the quality of the game.”

You’ll recall that delays are nothing new for Conan. The game’s original early access launch was planned for September 2016 but delayed to January 2017. The Xbox One version has also been delayed in the past, originally having been slated to follow the PC early access launch last January and then for Q3 2017 (it’s in preview now).

Source: Twitter. Thanks, David and Kinya!
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Bryan Correll

I’ll add this to the list of games I thought had already launched.


Game is an unmitigated disaster. The best they can muster in the last 30 days peak concurrency wise is about 4500 players with daily concurrent averages around 2150 at the moment:


Better concurrent user rate than some of the other early access titles like the Black Death and citadel forged in fire


Good, hopefully they can make server hosting less of a nightmare, especially when just wanting to play with a single friend or two.

Dug From The Earth


Means more polish, more bug squashed.

And hopefully, they can improve the ability to host your own damn server.

Nathan Aldana

:but we;ll gladly take your money in the meantime” -funcom


“Early Access” It really isn’t Funcom this time, it’s the industry and customers which started to invest into this shit. While there are good games which came out of Early Access, they are few and usually you should avoid every Early Access title which isn’t from an experienced developer.

People should just supporting crap like that.

Kickstarter Donor

Not sure if I am off the mark here, but this is starting to sound like the vicious cycle ARK was/is in: constantly adding new features and not fixing the issues plaguing the game.


Necessary. This game is still in really rough shape. Lots of promise but bogged down by bugs and imbalance. They haven’t even added some of the features they’ve talked about yet. October 2016 to March 2017 is not long enough a time to add in all that they are working on, test it properly to get rid of bugs and balance it, and then rebalance it once players find and exploit inevitable problems.

A Dad Supreme

I swear, I can’t much more of these “pre-launches” anymore.

I keep thinking most of these games have already launched because people have been playing them for months and months already with tons of YouTube videos, game reviews/opinions and the like.

The worst part is the cash shops because in the past, that was usually the last thing a game had sorted out, nowadays it’s the first thing before launching.

Maybe Massively can put a little ” Still in Beta” sticker on the games when they cover them, kind of like how people have badges for Patreon/Kickstarter support? (half joking here)

Loyal Patron
Patreon Donor
Kickstarter Donor
Paragon Lost

Quite bluntly I’m done with any mmo that pulls this crap. I refuse to give them money or my time until they actually launch.