Loki joins the Marvel Heroes console crew

Well, goodbye

Hope you enjoy hearing about the reincorporation of characters that were already in a game a long time ago, because there’s a long road ahead for Marvel Heroes Omega on console as it strives to expand its hero roster to the same size of its PC brother. This week’s reprise? Thor’s half-brother Loki.

Is it a coincidence that Loki will be coming back to the silver screen for Thor: Ragnarok in a couple of weeks? You can never tell with that crafty character.

“Today, Loki joins Marvel Heroes Omega on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as the console version’s 44th playable character. With an ensemble of spells ranging from arcane magic and illusionary tactics to powers of ice and fire, Thor’s half-brother has the goods to cause plenty of damage in battle.”

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Jeremiah Wagner


Kickstarter Donor

We still haven’t gotten the Age Of Apocalypse event content on PC — looks like Gazillion’s love for PC players has diminished of late. The consoles get all the new toys, it seems.

Melissa McDonald

As a student of mythology it has always bothered and offended me that being a “god” in the Marvel world is just a “power”. The Hulk should never have been able to manhandle Loki. Just my opinion.

Indigo Salma

still waiting for that aura update on PC….