Cursed trees and magic traps arrive in Dark and Light


Hope you weren’t planning on getting any sleep today, because Dark and Light has brought nightmare fuel instead of donuts for today’s update. I mean, cursed trees that suck up the soul of any passing adventurer and dark magic traps that snare the unwary are all well and good, but what about my Boston creme?

In addition to these placeable traps, Dark and Light buffed two creatures to give them added bonuses after being tamed. The Colossal Flathorn is all about helping you gather and carry more wood, while the Albino Deer is a magic shard magnet.

The update also added back in more swamp resource nodes and hugely buffed silver bullet damage against dark-aligned enemies. Sounds legit.

Source: Patch notes
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Bruno Brito

Is that tree a representation of how developers feel when they implement lockboxes on their games?


My mind doesn’t usually go in this direction, but that tree… That tree practically looks like it should be driving the game rating towards AO!