Master X Master tosses in troubled teen Xero, starts Halloween craziness


If you could gather up teenage angst and a childhood twisted by mad science, what would it look like? A better question might be, what would it play like?

We are all gonna find out because Master X Master has added a new playable character to the game called Xero. A natural born trickster, Xero uses his innate talents and some holographic assistance to mess enemies up on the battlefield. Plus, he just oozes rebellion, and you know you want to help him work through it.

In addition to Xero, Update 1.4 turns on MXM’s Halloween content for the first time. This includes daily rewards, special skins, a new game mode, and a re-themed Dredgion. The new mode, by the way, is called Hardpoint Capture: “Hardpoint Capture is a new 4v4 PvP arena, where attack, defense, and a lot of teamwork is crucial to capturing and keeping each point. Show off your skills and earn gold, XP, and Medals in our competitive 4v4 combat scene — available from October 18 to November 15, and accessible 24/7 during that time.”

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Wow that is cringey.

Bruno Brito

Edgy teenager in black leather with psychic powers.

Original Concept. Do. Not. Steal.


They’re adding an online accounting package to the game?


Melissa McDonald

Still got a ways to go to beat negasonic teenage warhead. :D