TwitchCon 2017: Get sneak peeks of ARK’s Aberration today


Are you eager to learn more about ARK: Survival Evolved’s upcoming underground expansion? How about watching some gameplay live? Three streamers at TwitchCon are sitting down with devs today and exploring Aberration. We’ve already gotten to see the giant crab that can be tamed and used as a mount, and we discovered that the Reaper Queen can impregnate characters. What else is different? Day/night cycles are random, and the massive Rexes and Gigas will not be present.

There’s a ton of info being revealed, so don’t miss out on learning more secrets of this cave realm. Tune in tonight and watch live.

If you miss the streams live, that doesn’t mean you miss out completely. We will be adding finished videos as they become available.

Source: ARK Twitter
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So… my usual question when it comes to this game. Did it launch? Or is this another early access expansion purchase? Whose price will be lowered later.

Man… I think, I’m done with Ark too.


I like Ark. I play on Mouse trap. Good mods and good community.


It did finally launch.