Camelot Unchained adds a post office messaging system

It’s a productive era for the Camelot Unchained, as the team has reduced testing in order to “buckle down and focus” on development projects.

One of these is a new messaging system for the game that the team is calling the Post Office: “This allows us to send information from one entity to another in cases where we either don’t know where our intended receiver lives or if we have multiple receivers (and we don’t know where they live). We utilize this kind of system in gameplay, so we can tell players (or really anything that cares) what’s currently happening in the heat of battle.”

The team continues to have its hands full with other projects, such as improving the stability of the client, beefing up the character info screen, adding more sounds to siege engines, and refining weapon animations.

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7 Comments on "Camelot Unchained adds a post office messaging system"

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Still, just a bunch of BS.
C.S.E. has not shown anything other than placeholders to it’s Backers.
C.U. is not a new MMO in development, it is a code name for C.S.E.’s development of a new Game engine than it will market to other developers; nothing more.

Paarthurnax Dragonhearth

Ughhhh ….. The Crap Kickstarter mmos …. they are dead / no one cares / and they are still in development :D

But sure throw more $ at them ! :))


Just shut up :))

Buddy Barlow

Yea maybe they can use that system to let us know Beta 1 is being delayed for the 3rd time in 2 years now.

Fellas we are well on our way to 3 years of a delayed beta. Camelot Citizen 2.0 , at least they’re not selling keeps and homes for 600$. I’m just waiting to hear that they’re running out of money due having to build that in-house engine for nearly 4 years.

Wishing for the best but after this 3rd delay, i’m not longer hopefuly and i’ll be putting all my attention towards Crowfall. Good luck MJ!


Good update. My take on the post office was more like a PO box. Just my simplistic interpretation of what I heard. This “post office” does not deliver but mainly stores the mail for all who are interested and stop by for this mail. Of course this is not real mail but game data for further processing. just a pure guess.

Other than that it looks like they are finally busy making the game instead of spending so much time pampering backers. Like me.


I kinda misread that as a “Post Office massaging system” and got real excited for a moment.


Lol! A new spin on the game.