WRUP: Of balls and pins thereof edition

The jokes about lizards and pinballs weren't working out.

Why are pinball machines so expensive? All right, that one’s obvious, they’re rather elaborate things with lots of moving parts all wired up to sturdy tables. They should be expensive. But it’s insanely frustrating that there’s no real way to get the proper feel of a pinball machine without spending a couple thousand dollars on a large, heavy table that plays one game.

And even “plays” feels a bit overly generous, because this isn’t, like, a similarly expensive arcade cabinet. A pinball machine is a matter of frantically mashing flippers and hoping for rain as various things happen with only moderate control. It’s incredibly frustrating and it’s pricey and I want one, because all of the digital solutions don’t have the tactile feel that is literally half of the fun of these things.

In summary, someone needs to make an MMO variant on pinball. Let us know why that’s stupid in this week’s installment of What Are You Playing.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Guild Wars 2 if you please! My duo partner and I are making our way into zone #3. I’ll also be poking around in Ultima Online; last round I was rotating my flower beds (this game, you guys), but with all the new anniversary and vet rewards, I need to get in there and figure out what to claim.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): I’ll be playing Final Fantasy XIV with the time I do have this weekend, but considering that I’ll be coming back from my anniversary trip mid-Saturday, I’m expecting my game time to be somewhat limited. Oh well.

Justin Olivetti (@Sypster, blog): Fall time is usually when I head back to World of Warcraft, because there’s something that I associate between that game and this season. Dunno why, to be honest. Otherwise, Halloween activities in Secret World Legends, back to Mordor in Lord of the Rings Online, and some featured episoding (that’s a term) in Star Trek Online for me!

Patron Pierre: Destiny 2 on PS4 is still my game of choice. I don’t have enough free time for other games, even if, with the number of good games launching these weeks (last and forthcoming), it’s hard to keep up the pace when you’re a casual gamer :O. I’m also getting prepared for the launch of Destiny 2 on PC (updating my PC with a GTX 1080 Ti and rearranging my living room too :D). I have even taken a few days of vacation to play with my Clan when the game launches on Tuesday. Enjoy your gaming weekend dear MOP readers. Cheers!

Your turn!


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Malcolm Swoboda

Secret World Legends: Wrapping up Tokyo then onto getting all (or almost all) remaining few Legends to complete my collection, then back to Transylvania and Egypt to do the last achievements there. Tokyo achievements.. I know will be more of a task to wrap up (Spiral scares me). I’m finally starting to progress into endgame, Elite 1 and 2 content and Elite 1 raid! Halloween is all covered save for filling in some fluff (if I want), logins, and saving the Marks for all Haunted Cache fluff. At this rate my November will be just achievement hunting, the journey to Elite 5/purple gear sets, and playing my alt, unless Funcom has content surprises.

Bought Star Wars Battlefront (2015) for cheap with all content and might grind that some alongside Mass Effect Andromeda. Tried out DND Online again to remind myself its just too dated (especially in UI) to care about, sadly. Reinstalled Mobius Final Fantasy with mixed feelings; its becoming more and more of a ‘full game’ (opposed to incomplete mobile game) with more and more ‘fair’ monetization as time goes on, but its still a mess with that and a silly grindfest and I despise the one-time events, even as more of them that I thought are turning out to return in some form. Ugh.

Basically Secret World Legends and tryin out some things.


How the heck could you make a pinball game where hundreds of people would play together on one machine…. all those flippers….

Anyway, going to pop into ESO again. Otherwise been playing Stick of Truth. I didn’t finish it and its super easy to get back into and enjoy. The second one is apparently quite different, but I am sure I will enjoy it all the same.


Spent all week waiting for BalsBigBrother’s ELEX report :)

And slept-walked through a few Warcraft legion invasions with alts.

Nick Smith

Trove (main)
Secret World Legends (Samhein stuff)
The Elder Scrolls Online (double exp)
Star Trek Online (im hooked again)

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Pinball is one of those games I always wanted to like playing more than I actually did.

It didn’t help that I’m not very good at the game, either. :-(

What Am I Playing? Nothing too new this week, alas

Star Trek Online, as always.

I’m still having a huge amount of fun playing Agents Of Mayhem.

I dunno — I guess it’s going to be one of those games where the general gaming public just doesn’t like the game as much as I do — but I’m completely okay with that. :-)

Oh, and I just hit level 100 (yeek!) in World Of Warcraft. I don’t think I’ve ever levelled that high in an MMORPG before.

As I’ve said in earlier posts, I’m really enjoying WoW this time around, but I know that’s partly because I know what to expect from the game, generally-speaking, and I enjoy the game for what it is, rather than expecting it to be my “ultimate MMORPG”. :-)

I must say that I’m actually really enjoying my character’s strongholds on Draenor — it’s a bit like the standard MMORPG housing idea got mashed up with base-building in the original Warcraft strategy games.

In any case, I really like it, although I’ve already heard that Blizzard abandoned the whole notion when the Burning Legion expansion shipped.

Ah well, I’ve had a lot of fun with it while it’s lasted.

Have a good week, people. And do take care of yourselves, please. You’re the only you we’ve got, and the only one we’ll ever have.



I recently got back into Lord of the Rings Online. I started anew on the Landroval server and have already met a few very nice people. Enjoying my time back in Middle Earth so far!

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Battle Chasers: Nightwar and Terra Battle 2


Far Cry Blood Dragon cause I love that game. It not the best shooter, but thats not why I love it. That and Return to Castle Wolfenstein are two games I get an itch to beat again and again every few years. My cousin does this with FF6 and Crono Trigger. I guess certain games just mesh with you.

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Every gamer seems to have a couple of personal favorites that they’re willing to go back and play again.



I didn’t even buy or play Blood Dragon and I still love it just for them 80’s childhood feels.


This week: Trying to avoid those stink bombs in WoW’s major cities that makes my pigs all orange and smello. :(

Also this week: Something I drew up that’s a little more Halloweeno. (Please see: Image attached.)

Have a great week and weekend folks! <3


Lovely! A dichotomy that is a symmetry.

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Very nice! We haven’t seen art here from you since you and Bruno were offering up pages and commentary. Thanks for this!

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Jack Pipsam

That’s an awesome drawing!


When not moving: doing all the things on Warframe, working on some missions in LoL, working up Weaver Goldsmith to 15 before working further on DoL leveling on FFXIV… probably gonna be those three games primarily but we’ll see if I can squeeze in some time for other stuff.