Kritika Online posts updated roadmap, starts testing Psion class


Now that Kritika Online has a half-year or so of live operation under its belt, the team is starting to get a handle on its direction and what needs to be done to drive the MMO forward. This called for an updated development roadmap, which takes players from November through early 2018.

The Psion class is coming in early November, and testing has begun to iron out any bugs or issues with it. The rest of the month will contain ranked PvP rewards, a Thanksgiving event, and personal trading. Past that, the community can look forward to fishing, holiday decorations, an overhaul of PvP progression, guild-based endgame activities, and a fleshed-out pet system. The devs also teased two new classes (Prodigy and Monk) and a level cap increase to 70 sometime in “the future.”

The team also indicated that it will be slowing down in its pace of content releases due to the need for more testing: “One of our biggest lessons over the past few months was in regards to our development and release cycles — they were just too quick. While we want to get you guys new stuff to do as soon as possible, we need to make sure it’s bug free and high-quality, and we just didn’t hit the mark in those first few updates.”

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