The Daily Grind: What one character option would you remove from your favorite MMO?

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Good news, MMO fans! You’re getting to redesign your favorite MMO’s entire combat system. The bad news is that you’re doing so by removing one character option and that’s it. One class from World of Warcraft, one job from Final Fantasy XIV, one profession from Guild Wars 2, one ship type from EVE Online. You get the idea. There’s no adding; there’s just removing one thing and possibly giving some of its abilities to other classes.

And no, you can’t remove a role or drastically rearrange how roles work, either. If there are a dozen DPS options, you can remove one. That’s it.

So what would you pick and why? You can’t completely rewrite the game’s balance, but you can remove one thing from the game. What character option would you remove from your favorite MMO to revamp the combat? And do you think it would make enough difference for a major revamp to the game’s mechanics?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!

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Jedi from SWG (pre-cu)

Can’t think of any other options. Removing a whole class would either have no effect (because the role is covered elsewhere) or a massively negative effect (because the role is not covered elsewhere, thus killing all balance in the game).

Jedi in SWG is a special case as they were an alpha-class, designed from the start to be rare and completely unbalanced, so removing them would restore the balance lost when they became too numerous.

Zen Dadaist

Damn that’s an evil question. Argh. I would hate to lose any of the, say, Anarchy Online professions, or Frames in Warframe. Though I guess I could toss Primalist from Rift and not give a hoot.

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It’s hard for WoW since none of the classes are super awful these days, but Demon Hunters seem the most disposable. They’re just another melee leather class in a schema already awash in them, and they only have two specs.

I’d say delete Demon Hunter and replace them with Engineer instead. It could have been similarly economical to implement (playable by Gnomes and Goblins only at least at first, and with only two specs), but potentially more interesting.

Should be a ranged mail wearer and have one spec (Sapper) focused on group buffing and crowd control with deployable toys like fortifications, mines, turrets, and drones, and the other (Tinker) being able to summon a ridable / wearable mech suit to augment the engineer’s own damage and durability. Tinker’s signature weapon should be a Pistol, used mainly for backup and self-defense when not in the mech, and Sapper’s should be a Flamethrower focused on mid-range AOE.

Bonus points for the Tinker’s mech suit being a self-supplied mount that would be usable indoors like Druid’s shapeshifts or Shaman’s Ghost Wolf, and which would automatically summon a flying variant in flight zones.


Can we remove lalafells from the game? It would be incredible! :D

Robert Mann

Hmmmm… the ability to use global chat channels. Want to be a toxic piece of filth? Go sit around in a town to get on those ignore lists. Same with grouping outside people you know and LFG systems (if I could remove two, I’d remove that.) Engage with other people if you want other people for things. (Speaking of which, three, name changes without harassment being shown, ideally with a global login name of some sort as many have.) Yep, a little of that being an anon jerkwad gone.

Global chat channels would be number 1 though. At the least you’d learn the toxic cesspool places in towns quickly, and could avoid that crud while still talking with people who are focused on the game or something fun instead.


Elin from Tera, for being such creepy Pedo-bait

John Mclain

Tech 3 everything from Eve Online, but if I HAD to choose just one, it would be tech 3 cruisers, they single handedly ruined eve’s ship choices.


I’d like to remove the “EA” from my Star Wars.


Hmm, combat, definitely the combat as a whole. (I mean, it is an options characters can engage in right?)

All future mmo’s have to find ways to make non-combat crisis resolution a fun and feasible method of play. Instead of defeating monsters you help them analyze their actions, deal with traumatic childhoods, and realize they don’t have to be the monster if they don’t want to be.

Raids would instead be intense games of realpolitik, complex math, and philosophical discovery.

Bruno Brito

Pink pigtails.