RuneScape apologizes for microtransactions and lack of update clarity

RuneScape’s Thomas “Mod Balance” Sweeney has a post on the official forums today showing how apologies ought to go. This one’s in regard to the ongoing community discussion about the poor quality of microtransactions in the game.

“Our lack of response has made us seem distant and uncollaborative, making frustrations worse, and for that we are truly sorry. We’d like to reassure you that the time has been spent deciding on the right changes,” Sweeney writes on behalf of the community team, thanking players for even their complaints. “You’ve seen content quality and quantity start to slide, seen MTX promotions march on regardless and Jagex going quiet on the matter. You’re worried that this will just get worse and are concerned for what it means in the long term. We hear you, and we shouldn’t have let it get to this point.”

In a nutshell, Jagex says that “MTX is a major part of the game’s income” and funding for development, but it accepts that this year’s releases weren’t consistently strong, that it demonstrated weak ambition at RuneFest, and that it shifted too many resources to mobile development in prep for the mobile client.

Consequently, the studio has vowed a remade roadmap, upcoming community survey, regular updates and communication, a content rating system, new dev team members, and the treasure hunter rework. Jagex also says the “prize pool promo” that caused such an uproar last month “won’t ever be seen again” as it doesn’t “intend to revisit similar mechanics any time soon,” although it will be “experimenting” with other types of promotions.

“Our overall goal is to deliver you frequent, high-quality content updates, bring the game onto more platforms, and tune MTX to be less abrasive. We think this is the right approach to ensure RuneScape remains healthy. And overall the game is still robust: In the last year membership has remained stable; RuneFest 2017 was the biggest and most popular yet; and our marketing efforts are ramping up to bring in new players. With strong content and mobile coming next year, 2018 is shaping up to be a great year for RuneScape!”

The first comment under the apology is a troll, so hey, video games.

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Bryan Turner

What is Runescape like? Since it’s been around for awhile does it have real estate on the scale of WoW, is it more Carebear friendly. what kind of end game does it have?

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Jack Pipsam

Runescape was the first MMO for many current young adults, it was for me. The nostalgia factor is deep, I honestly don’t know what someone might think of the game (especially the old-school version) going into now. Truthfully I haven’t even touched the newer stuff, it’s just very removed from what I know. I don’t even really know if Runescape is popular with kids anymore like it used to be.

Being a free browser based game in an era when that either meant some flash thing or when many parents wouldn’t let kids download anything (and of course if you had dial-up like I did) then RS was a perfect thing.

It’s very end-game heavy, a lot of the focus in RuneScape is maxing out skills, getting the best gear in the game and topping leader-boards (along with getting community cred, either famous or infamous). It’s more ‘community’ focused in this regard, even though there isn’t really much in the way of a guild system. Housing is in the game, but it’s all instance based.

I guess it’s carebear in some aspects, but in others its quite hardcore. It really was just a game for everyone at the time. If you weren’t into combat, you could just play the game like I mainly did and level up skills slowly, enjoying the world. Playing the economy, ect. If you were into PVP, then the ‘wildness’ (a area where any player could kill another player) was a brutal world of gank and betrayal. As a carebear myself, I avoided the area best I could (lest I travel with a higher-powered friend).
See, you’d lose all your items expect your 3 most valuable. Everything else, including your armour and weapons, gone. You re-spawn with 3 things that you had on your body (banks were vital). You had 5 mins to get your stuff back (or if someone prayed at your gravestone it would boost up the time).

Yeah, it was a cool game, still is if you can look past the jank of the presentation.