SuperData says PUBG has now topped both WoW and Crossfire in global revenue

SuperData announced this morning that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds continues to work its way up the revenue charts, now passing up even Crossfire. We presume the tweet is a sneak-peek at the company’s September report, as it traditionally releases those a month behind.

The research firm’s August global revenue report put PUBG at #5 in terms of global PC revenue, having passed by the recombinated World of Warcraft (though we again note that games like Overwatch are listed on both the PC and console side, and it’s unclear whether that works against it).

Crossfire, you’ll recall, has been listed among the top four games for at least the last three years (here’s September 2016, 2015, and 2014 for reference – and it spent some of that time at #2), so this is quite a feat. That would put PUBG in fourth place in September, even though it’s still in early access.

The same report a month ago declared PUBG “the number 1 premium PC game for the 3rd month in a row” with “total life-to-date sales close to 9 million units through August.” Since then, Bluehole announced 15M sales and 2.3M concurrent players, thanks to its increasing popularity in Asia. In other words, don’t expect PUBG to stop at #4. Whether it can stay that high is another question.

Expect the September report later this week, if last months’ summaries are any guide.

Source: Twitter
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