Wakfu introduces the rage-filled Ouginaks, revamps Enutrof class


Do you ever despair that all MMOs these days seem to contain the same watered-down, trope-encrusted classes and races? Fighter this and Elf that, the standard routine? Then do yourself a favor and head over to Wakfu, which has never heard of a normal name in its life.

The unique strategy MMO is introducing a new class this week called the Ouginak that sounds like a cross between a lovable puppy dog and a slavering werewolf. “Ouginaks are warriors and close-combat specialists,” the team posted. “Drawing on their Rage in fights, they can transform into Were-Ouginaks to harness their primal instincts.”

If that isn’t enough, Wakfu’s massive content update includes a huge overhaul of the Enutrof class, reworked the game’s combat mechanics, “rehabilitated” the Elite Riktus clan, and — what the heck — completely rebalanced all of the rest of the game’s classes. Guess the devs wanted to throw their community a bone?

Source: Wakfu

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Please let this be a sign taht they are working on a new season of the Wakfu cartoon


If that isn’t enough

It’s probably not enough…