Destiny 2 finally arrives on PC, plans four seasons for first year, and becomes best-selling 2017 game


It’s a glorious day for PC players, as they are being welcomed into Bungie’s sci-fi universe with the release of Destiny 2.

It’s been a month and a half since the title released on consoles, and while the game has reportedly struggled to maintain a strong population, Destiny 2 has already become the year’s best-selling video game to date.

There are a few key differences between the console and PC versions, with the latter getting more graphic options, a mouse-and-keyboard control scheme, and some variations on weapon recoil.

Both versions, however, will receive the same updates going forward, and Bungie has a lot of plans for Destiny 2’s first year. The team revealed that there will be four major “seasons” this year, with each featuring a clan reset and weapons changeover to keep things fresh. Season 2 is supposed to add gear ornaments for those who want to deck out their armor with extra bling.


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Major Glitch

Destiny 2 not only fails to expand on the original, but takes a step backwards in many areas. The progression system is broken, the enemies’ AI is terrible, there’s no text chat, the worlds are mostly empty, and the end-game is horribly shallow.
The one bright spot about Destiny 2’s release is that it’s driving new players to try Warframe.

Chosenxeno .

The thing is, I just never saw how Destiny is better than Warframe. Warframe is also free and now it’s gone sorta open world.


Well i mean for one thing its NOT Warframe. I dont understand why people cant like different things..sure Warframe is a decent game but its not gods gift to looter shooters, and to be honest i prefer Destiny to Warframe, microtransactions or not (dont really care about them because im not being held at gunpoint to buy, and they give you Bright Engrams every “level” past 20 for free). Kinda like how i rank Grim Dawn and D3 above Path of Exile.


Part of me wants to get it, the other part of me is like you should get it. Then the other other part of me says I have 300 games on steam that I should probably try first :/


This is my biggest issue with the “game”.

There is 0 challenge. This is beyond hand-holding. This is teat suckling.


My money was shot when this was about to come out, I had to get the base version :D I’ll have to get the Season Pass later for once. I didn’t much care for the few other options that came with the higher versions anyway other than the Season Pass.


No complaints so far. The game is extremely fun with what little I had a chance to play. I remember the legions of haters (I was one of them) when D1 was launched. I expect great things for this game especially if it loses a lot of players early and forces bungie to ‘taken king’ it.

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There seems to be a shit storm brewing for the pc players of D2.

Reports are starting to appear of folks being banned for running discord, obs, xsplit and geforce experience overlays. There doesn’t seem to be any way to appeal or even speak with a bungie rep. Might be best to not use overlays of any sort until this gets sorted and it needs sorting urgently.



Thanks for the heads-up. There was maybe a 0.001% of me buying this, but now I can shave that down to a nice, flat zero.


So obviously they’re going to overturn and fix the bans that the auto system gave out accidentally for normal programs and overlays people run.

Yes, they have their heads up their butts right now in their stubborn response that running these programs won’t result in a ban (the numbers of people being auto banned obviously show something wrong is happening), but once they admit something is wrong they’ll overturn those wrongly banned.

The game kicked me out once during the short time I played yesterday saying I needed to run it through the launcher – which I *was* doing and don’t know any way of doing otherwise, the launcher was still there and all it wasn’t closed. I’ve been paranoid I’ll get an auto ban because it thinks I was running it another way, so far I haven’t but the detection systems don’t always work right.

If Bungie admitted there was a problem rather than issuing a reply saying using that stuff won’t result in a ban, there’d be less upset people.


“It’s a glorious day for PC players…” line is something i didnt expect to see here, its usually reserved by other big pc gaming sites which go full wankfest when some bad ass publisher release an “AAA” wanna be title and they all get in line to get neck deep up their arse for free copy or whatever they get for juicy review.

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I got bored within a week, have not turned on my Xbox for ages, kind of kicking myself for buying it now lol

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John Bagnoli

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeh. I just don’t know. Having put in a lot of hours on Destiny I just cannot get all that excited. I want to, but no. My Destiny 1 review sums up as thus:

Pros: Beautiful game and music. Shooting mechanics top-notch, smooth and fun
Cons: No story, characters and abilities bland, painfully easy

I don’t know about the rest of you, but if you are going to have me to repetitive stuff I kinda need something to hang my hat on. Notice I didn’t put that as a con, because many many… many games are repetitive. As fun as the shooting is it all becomes porridge and that flavoring of good looks and sound isn’t quite as tasty as you thought it was. And there is little challenge. Only when I got bored and played stupid or did the ultra hard stuff did my heart beat. And let me tell you, a four hour session is a long time to go on one heartbeat.

From what I’ve read/seen Destiny 2 is even easier, more bland character customization (in terms of abilities) and a shiite story. Basically throwing around some very blasé characters, still without explaining a lot of how this sci-fi universe operates and contradicting what was in the first game a little.

People have said there is nothing to do at end game which is mostly true as this is a gear chaser. And I took my sweet sweet time. I probably got a 70 hour single player-ish experience on my first run-through so I was paced not to burn out. But at the end you are just waiting for the next content drop.

Anyway, just my 2 cents.