Crowfall explains castle wall construction, addresses patch 5.3


Chances are that all save but the most architecturally nerdy among you don’t find walls, panels, and sockets a particularly exciting topic. But your opinion on this might change when those elements are put together to form a protective and useful barrier between you and an army attempting to send you back to the spirits.

In a new developer blog, the Crowfall team shares some of the advances that it has made when it comes to castle wall construction. These improvements include allowing players to seemlessly connect parts together and select certain “panels” that can be used as windows, arrow slits, support beams, and doors. This way, not every castle wall you encounter will be the same as all of the others.

J. Todd Coleman also gave an update on what’s happening with the next big patch: “I want to say that I know you guys are waiting for 5.3. Obviously, it’s taking longer than we would like […] The version still isn’t quite ready, but it’s getting closer on a day-by-day basis and we’re hopeful that soon we can get a version onto the TEST environment, which of course is a pre-cursor to bringing it to LIVE.”

Source: Crowfall
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Wouldn’t a voxel-based construction system like Trove, or Camelot Unchained, be a far more enjoyable and beneficial way of having castles be unique instead of a set of prefabs? Unless they’re doing multiple sets of racially unique castles, it wouldn’t matter if a window is on the right or left they’re all going to eventually blur into sameness.


easy code and fast building?