Kritika Online opens up its test server for the Psion class

Head games.
If you have an urgent need to start playing head games with your opponents in Kritika Online, the Psion is the choice for you. And if that sounds like what you want but you’re not sure, you can take the new option for a spin on the game’s test server. The developers are looking for all the feedback they can get, particularly if that feedback arrives before October 27th. The more feedback, the more changes can be made!

You can check out the patch notes on the official site, which are still a work in progress but also provide extensive information about how the class is shaping up so far. There’s not much to the update right now other than the new character option (and a new character slot to go along with it), but that’s probably for the best for test purposes. Besides, who doesn’t want to destroy things with the mind alone?

Don’t miss our hands-on with the Psion from last month’s PAX, where MJ explained how this swordmage works, and Steam players, make sure you’ve grabbed your free bundle for the game!


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