Magic: The Gathering Arena kicks off beta testing next month

Oh, oh, oh, it's Magic.

Out of mana in your life? Magic: The Gathering Arena has a refill for you waiting. The multiplayer card game announced today that it is going to start testing early next month with the advent of a stress test on November 3rd.

“Digital Games Studio has been hard at work building Magic: The Gathering Arena for you,” the studio said, “and now it’s time to show you more with the start of some weekly playtests and the closed beta. Yes, that’s right, the closed beta that so many of you have signed up for is in sight!”

Following the stress test, Magic Arena will run a series of playtests with a “few thousand” players participating using some free packs to give constructed Magic a try. Then, if the studio plays its cards right, the closed beta test is scheduled to begin on November 30th. All of these tests will be on the PC only and will require participants to agree to an NDA.

Go ahead and sign up for a chance at a closed beta spot, and tune in to the official announcement of the testing schedule after the break!

Source: Press release
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They should offer a print service that, given a certain amount of money, they print the card you digitally possess and send it to you. Ofc, this would be feasible only if the cards someone owns are not tradeable. But it would be nice to get a chance to materialize the card I digitally own.

Scott Rondeau

What does this offer that MTGO doesn’t?

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Togashi Kokujin

A client that doesn’t look and feel like the last remnant of “Windows for Workgroups”-software.
Okay, serious reply: for the moment, nothing much. Arena will be focused on Standard, so you will only have the current cards for now. It is designed to be easily streamed, and free-to-play.

Wizards has signalled that they are dedicated to keeping Magic Online around. It certainly offers a lot more in game modes, collecting and trading – I’m very curious about the role that Arena will play.