Neverwinter hosts the Masquerade of Liars for Halloween

This year’s Halloween event for Neverwinter is kind of harshly named, you guys. Seriously, “Masquerade of Liars?” That’s a rather severe appellation to slap on what amounts to a particularly big costume party, isn’t it? You wouldn’t want to label a friend dressed up like a doctor a “liar,” so long as it happened around Halloween and didn’t include actually pretending at being a doctor. Although considering that the eponymous city of Neverwinter is beset by factions who can assume vaguely humanoid form and would love a chance to sneak in while disguised, perhaps it’s not harsh enough.

Regardless, you can pick up a scarecrow to fight by your side, a number of masks to let you look like a famous monster of Halloween or Dungeons & Dragons lore (well, from the neck up, at least), a new mysterious costume, and even some seasonally appropriate orange and black dyes. Jump on in to all of the lying festivities on October 26th; just be ready to start telling the truth again on November 1st.

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‘Masquerade of lairs’. What a perfect name for the Neverwinter game. That was exactly what my impression of that game was when I tried it.

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Bhima Jenkins

An absolute cash shop fest. It stands to this day as the most egregious cash shop game I’ve ever played… and I play Fortnite which is pretty damn scummy.