The Daily Grind: Which MMO gives you the best freedom of movement?

All right, the Lopp have some chops here too.

As part of my annual fall return to World of Warcraft, I’ve taken back up with my Druid and am loving it for an altogether unexpected reason. You see, now that I’ve unlocked flying in Broken Isles, my character has immense freedom of movement and travel in a way that I haven’t experienced in quite some time.

I can instantly shapeshift into a flight form, soaring anywhere at a moment’s notice. In places that I can’t fly, I have an instant fast travel form. And even when I dive into water, I can become some sort of mutant seal-thing to zip along faster than the fish. It makes movement in that game such a joy for me, and the world has become my plaything.

Which MMO gives you the best freedom of movement? You can list a specific game, race, or class and why you feel most unencumbered when you’re playing that.

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BDO, no question there. I spent so many hours climbing up rocks and walls and what not, crawling behind trees, under stones, through holes to find caves and beautiful views – never had such freedom to explore in a MMO.

Bruno Brito



Guild Wars 2 locks this up now.

Between gliding and mounts, you have a ton of freedom of movement that doesn’t absolutely trivialize maps by allowing unlimited, unrestricted flying. The Gryphon mount gets a little close to flying while requiring some practice to use. Gliding and all of the mounts require you to level them up, so there is some sense of having “earned” your movement capabilities.

Really, the mounts are exceptionally well-done, and when combined with gliding they provide a movement experience that is just fantastic.

I really like Destiny 2’s Dawnblade Warlocks, too.

Grave Knight

Age of Wushu, if you can somehow get your hands on the movement scrolls. Blade and Soul. Warframe. World’s Adrift. Unfortunately only a few of the games had level designs that support the freedom of movement provided.

The problem with adding movement system is that there needs to be a reason to use it other than jumping puzzles. Age of Wushu was great in that regards as the movement system was tied into the dodge mechanic. Blade and Soul had a system where some of the attacks would change when using the movement system, but you couldn’t use the movement system while in combat (they served more as a surprise attack). World’s Adrift is fairly simple but because the game has physics based system it allows for some interesting tricks. Warframe provides a good movement system, but unfortunately their levels don’t always allow it to be viable.

Interestingly, even though it was designed with movement first, Wildstar’s movement system isn’t that good. It just feels like they tact on a double jump and a dodge and called it good. It just doesn’t feel like the movement system was design to work with the combat system at all. Everquest Next had interesting ideas but well they never really expanded on it and…well…we all know what happened there.


#1 – Firefall.
#2 – World’s Adrift.


Star Wars Galaxies!


It used to be Firefall. One of the reasons I kept playing despite, well EVERYTHING, was the combination of jetpack – bike – glider. Combined with the one big level and lots of verticality made it a lot of fun to just move around in.

Oleg Chebeneev


Absolute freedom of movement does not make for a good game or interesting play. World of Warcraft has a ridiculous problem once they figured this out and took flying away to make the game better. Still people rail against this and probably will until the game gets decommissioned in 20 years.

Having said that warframe has been one of the best, it is fast, fluid and a dynamic part of combat. I wouldn’t call it freedom but freeform in a way which makes movement a vital part of the overall game experience.

GW2 is also been interesting. Jumping/platform elements, gliding and now mounts. While I haven’t had a chance to do much of the new content based around mounts beyond getting the starting mount it has been one of the best ground mounts I’ve used in a game.

Thirdly I will say some games that use distance and time as a limitation to movement have made some of the best games and I am thinking black desert and eve. Movement in these games are not as flashy, dynamic or as satisfying as warframe or GW2 but they add a significant component to the type of game that they are.

A better question would have been: which MMO gives you the best limitations to movement? because it is the limitations not the freedoms which define a good game.

agemyth 😩
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agemyth 😩

ArcheAge. It has every type of travel you expect (except free-flight which is bad) and more. Traveling and transporting goods is a core component of the economy and the world is built to support it.

The game has too many other problems, but this was the best aspect of the game while I enjoyed it.