The doors to Hexsylvania creak open in Fortnite


There’s one more haunted house to conquer in online gaming — and this one may end you once and for all.

Fortnite announced the beginning of its brand-new Fortnitemares Event, which mostly revolves around the opening of Hexsylvania. This Halloween-themed castle adds about two dozen story quests, eight heroes, and a spooky llama for those who brave its terrifying catacombs. Oh, and there’s a pumpkin launcher, because the Great and Powerful Pumpkin Lobby demands subservience in all games (or so says its CEO, Mr. Van Pelt).

Fortnitemares begins tomorrow, October 26th, a date which also marks the end of the current Horde Bash event.

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Overall I’m enjoying this Halloween event; if they made the core game more like this, it would be so much more enjoyable.

Instead of relying on loot boxes that you have to mindlessly grind for to hope to get any kind of neat stuff, it’s mostly tied to just playing the game and finishing the event quests instead. Without having spent any money I’ve already gotten a few epic and unique event legendary heroes, and I’m only on page 1/5 for the event quest line.

Yeah there are still the event loot boxes, but you don’t buy them – they’re just obtained by finishing various quests that give you ‘candy’ to obtain them with. If they focused more on unlocking stuff purely through those quests, rather than relying on obtaining/buying currency to buy RNG llama chests to get enough materials to (slowly) progress your game, they’d be in such a better place.

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Bhima Jenkins

Epic is slowly but surely improving this game and making it less scummy. Hopefully the content is actually fun… I’m excited either way!

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This game always looks like so much fun, and I’d have no problem whatsoever dropping $40 on it if their loot boxes only ever contained cosmetics (and you could get lootboxes in-game). I really hope they reconsider their PvE model, because I very much want to play this game.


You can get loot boxes in game, but yeah the main problem with the core game is still that so much of the materials tied to progression are obtained mainly (or at a better rate at least) from the purchasable boxes.

Cosmetics would be preferable to boxes containing actual characters & progression materials, but I’d prefer to avoid the loot boxes entirely. I think they’d also have to overhaul the hero system to support cosmetics, since character appearances are determined by their class/subclass/rarity level. I honestly wouldn’t mind a change to all that though; it’d be nice to be able to choose my abilities as I level up a given character, rather than praying RNG doesn’t give me a legendary ninja with completely pointless abilities.