Trove introduces pumpkin quests and freebie musical mount for Halloween

Please tell me the kidney thing is not real.
I’m gonna give Trove a pass on wackadoodle Halloween events. Trove is wackadoodle all the time. My character has a hot dog hat. If it weren’t for the pumpkins, I bet nobody would even notice that the devs are kicking off mischief this week.

But of course, they are. “Starting on October 24th, complete seven all-new, seasonal adventures to make the most of the holiday and earn epic loot in the process!” Trion posted this morning, heralding “endless gourdzillas.”

“Witness the return of Pumpkin lairs to every biome. Clear out these pernicious pumpkin properties to earn Candy Corn which can be used to craft Mystery Boxes at the Shadowy Station in the spoopy new Shadow’s Eve hub.”

There’s a bunch of lockbox and sale sale stuff too, but do make sure you pop into the cash shop in the next couple of weeks to pick up a freebie: the musical mat, which turns out to be a promotional mount (I tested!). Want to see it all in person? We’re streaming at 4 p.m. EDT today, so join us then!


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Grave Knight

Is this game still a hot, lag filled mess?


Trove is a game I always come back to — should be more popular than it is…

Chris Moss

I played it none stop from Beta til only a few months ago. But currently on break.