Guild Wars 2 is releasing a vinyl soundtrack for Path of Fire and planning Extra Life shenanigans


You hipsters still have your vintage record players, right? I mean, how else are you going to enjoy Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire’s soundtrack on vinyl? Yep, the soundtrack LP was announced today, along with preorders.

“Following the huge success of the soundtrack to the first Guild Wars 2 expansion Heart of Thorns, acclaimed publisher and developer ArenaNet has once again partnered with video game master merchandisers iam8bit to bring Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire’s orchestral soundtrack to the fans. Composed by the incredibly talented Maclaine Diemer (with support from Wilbert Roget II, Brendon Williams, and Stan LePard), pre-orders for the collector’s edition vinyl record of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire’s soundtrack – featuring beautiful album art – go live today.”

It’s 40 bucks, or you can just get the digital editions for $9 on iTunes or Amazon.

Meanwhile, ArenaNet announced last night that it’s joining the roster of studios lining up for Extra Life next weekend, so if you won’t be glued to your screen watching BlizzCon, maybe check out the charity stream events instead.

Source: Press release, iamb8it, Extra Life
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Bruno Brito

Vinyl is not better.

It just feels nice to lay down a good chair, and listen to that soft noise of a vinyl playing with dim lights.


Back to vinyl. Lol. I laugh at this because I have family who swears it is a better sound and higher fidelity. Such BS.

But, hey. If you like vinyl, so much the better. You can do a little of that old DJ Scratching like they used to when break dancing was in vogue.


Going back to vinyl is old news now, their numbers are rising, old people who lived with them and young people who never knew what it means to own their music, both driving the numbers.

Melissa McDonald

CDs are older than me… but I definitely prefer them. My older brothers tell me that when they were introduced, pretty much everyone marveled at the pristine, noiseless quality of CDs over the scratch, hiss, and degrades-every-single-time-you-listen vinyl. It was a revolution.

So honestly I just chuckle when people start trying to show charts and graphs and reasons why analog/vinyl is so much better. It’s better, what, the first time you listen, when it’s pristine, and never again? After that diamond scrapes across those vinyl grooves. Gets worse every time you enjoy it.

Not a vinyl fan. It’s nostalgia, nothing more. I hear the Model T was a really kick-ass car, too.

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I’m pretty sure Justin will get this right away!

Justin Olivetti
Justin Olivetti

As soon as I get home, yes.

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Is it just me or are the new tracks a lot less memorable than the ones from Heart of Thorns?
I remember back when that expansion launched, the soundtrack would often catch my attention while I was playing. And when I wasn’t playing I would be humming some of the tunes.
The only track that has caught my attention in Path of Fire is one that was previously used in Dry Top or Silverwastes.

Bryan Correll

I find that my clothing gets cleaner if I go down to the river and pound it with rocks than when I use one of them fancy washing machines.