Survival sandbox ROKH got bogged down in a ‘legal dispute,’ but it’s been resolved


It’s been a few weeks since ROKH’s last developer update, but there’s a reason for that: a legal dispute.

“Two teams were investigating the source code of ROKH to establish a fixing roadmap,” the devs explain on Steam. “It turned out that the project we had access to was incomplete. We had to enter in a legal dispute with our former development partner to get the latest version of the project source code as well as all available material of the project (engine, assets, documentation).”

That put Darewise “very much behind” on getting the new version out the testers, but in the meantime, the team is hard at work “refactoring the project to have it in a more stable state for development and fixing,” while a second goal is to “dig deeper into the gameplay bugs and optimization.”

ROKH, you’ll recall, is a Mars-themed survival sandbox that we’ve been watching since 2015. A canceled Kickstarter in 2016 saw the game delay a few times but ultimately launch into early access last May.

Source: Steam

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A legal dispute with a former partner to get needed code. I’ll bet that wasn’t fun.

People like to joke about lawyers a lot, but it occurs to me that lawyers wouldn’t need to be a thing if individuals were better at working out their disputes.

Basically, the problem isn’t the lawyers, it’s us. :-)