The Daily Grind: Which MMOs would be better off without crafting altogether?

This is really World of Warcraft's fault, but I have to be comprehensive here.

I’ve opined before that the best way to deal with World of Warcraft’s current crafting system is to scrap the whole thing and start over. The existing crafts increasingly are filled with professions that have been stripped down to irrelevance (Inscription, Jewelcrafting, and Enchanting) or ones that have long since lost any sort of design focus (Engineering and Alchemy). It’s a mess, and I think the game would be better off just tearing it all apart instead of patching it.

It’s not alone, though. While there are games that have managed to address crafting issues over time, a lot of games have had crafting systems have just gotten worse and less relevant due to design limitations; Star Trek Online in particular has redone crafting multiple times and it still hasn’t worked too well with each incarnation. Games like EVE Online and Final Fantasy XIV are obviously heavily invested in crafting options, but today we ask you if there are some games that would be better served by just not trying any more. Which MMOs should just yank crafting gameplay altogether, if any?

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Malcolm Swoboda

I’m glad Secret World dropped it.

Kickstarter Donor

Nearly all of them. They are so bad and they either focus on making the game revolve around the crafting community or making them an afterthought. Then you have games where progression gear is from dungeons/raids and that ruins crafting a lot. Devs seem to think that if crafting can be as good as raid gear without ever having to enter one… that the game would melt. Admittedly some people would just buy the gear and not have to “waste” time raiding.


Every MMO where looted items are superior to crafted items.

So, basically all of them. Crafting almost always devolves into twinking alts or crafting consumables, whilst remaining grindy and lacking any sort of player skill. It’s mostly pointless.

SWG remains the only good crafting system I’ve played. Whilst it still involved minimal skill, it did involve a hell of a lot of commitment to get good so top crafters could still stand out. Even as a non-crafter, the system rocked! It was fun trying to hunt down the best gear and prices, was quite exciting when you were out looking for an epic power hammer and came across a shop with someone superior, or vastly cheaper. It also gave me options for acquisition – do I grind missions for credits? do I hunt for rare stuff to sell? do i craft myself? do I play the marketplace? At no time was I forced to grind anything, I could choose my own way to get the top gear! (fyi, i loved grinding rancor missions on dath :P )


EVERY Super Hero game needs to ditch crafting, seriously. This was bad when CoH tacked it in, CO and DCUO have terrible systems as well. It just doesn’t work! Most sci-fi games (STO and SWTOR leap to mind) should ditch it too, thought I can see a purpose for games like EVE to have it. Fantasy games? Yeah, a few (like Blade & Soul or Tera) could do without it, but it feels more natural there for some reason.


Star wars the old republic. The only really useful items are the items used for planetary conquest and mods the armor and weapons are crap compared to looted/reward stuff.

Jeffery Witman

Any game where crafting is an afterthought. Which seems like almost all of them these days. In terms of doing crafting well it’s hard to not look back at SWG. Dedicated crafting classes, a rich resource system, in game reasons for crafters to not only exist, but also play and make better items than most of the junk that falls from dead foes.

If a game could include those elements today it would be very surprising.

Mr Poolaty

Woa wtf bad topic

Jay Power

Pretty much any crafting in a Cryptic/ PWE game could be deleted and no one would care. Their only function is to get players to spend money. Fun was not even a consideration in their development.


Crafting in Blade and Soul was an after thought. Someone from marketing came back to the dev team and told them they had to have it because it was on the product check list.

That is what it seemed like, at first anyway. You gather, yeah sure. But it is hardly crafting when basically you mail in a request for an item and then based on your mats, you got it or were unable to complete your request.

But after level cap, crafting becomes extremely important as a source of income and progression. It is such an interesting dichotomy here. You need crafting, you have to have it, if you are going to go far in end game. OR you have to have a whale like budget.

And now, after more tweaks, you don’t even have to do any gathering anymore. It is all by mail. LOL! And crafting has become even more important because more weapon and accesory upgrades require crafted components. So, you either have tons of gold or you craft. And for most there isn’t really a choice. You get good at sending mails. Lol.

It is a horrible system with good benefits. Overall, it artificially makes roadblocks to high end content. I’d rather they eliminate it and just make everything a loot drop and drop the pretense.


I can name one where crafting can stay as it is. Ryzom.

Since Mobs only drop crafting components and NPC vendors only sell basic equipment, all equipment is player-crafted. Add to that a system where there are no fixed recipes but more or less experimentation in mixing ingredients and therefore experienced crafters having found secret combinations that grant better results and you more or less are close to what crafting can be like at its best.

A shame this game has so serious other issues.