World of Tanks pits players against the lord of the tank underworld for Halloween

Undead tanks. Cool.
However you feel about World of Tanks on a whole, it’s hard not to appreciate the game’s Halloween event this year. After all, you are literally taking advantage of a thin veil between this world and the next to fight the Leviathan, the tank lord of the armored dead.

Take a moment to let that sink in. Is the most ridiculous thing here the fact that there is a tank underworld or that it is ruled over by a particularly big tank? Or is it that your goal here is to fight that big tank with your own tank? We can’t tell you.

Presumably, those who take part in the battle to fight the tank of death will earn appropriate rewards, although the nature of those rewards is not shared in the announcement. (We can only hope you get to dress up as a zombie tank.) If all of that isn’t enough purple prose to get you interested, perhaps the actual announcement will do the trick.

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Melissa McDonald

I love World of Tanks. It’s addictive and fun. Probably the only PvP game I truly enjoy.

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If I reference Jeb Stuart and The Haunted Tank, will anyone else remember those comic books from my childhood? :-D


There is a tank underworld?

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Hmmmm, it seems to have a PVE mode………..
I might have to download World of Tanks, and then uninstall it again after the 9th :)