Buy a new Intel Optane SSD, get a Star Citizen pixelship


As part of its CitizenCon 2017 reveals this morning – or this afternoon, if you’re local to Frankfurt, where the event is taking place – Cloud Imperium announced a partnership with Intel. Why do you care? The deal means an in-game Star Citizen ship will be provided along with your real-world purchase of an Intel Optane 900P Series SSD.

“The Intel Optane SSD 900P Series delivers incredibly low latency and best-in-class random read and write performance at low queue depths – up to four times faster than competitive NAND-based SSDs – opening incredible new possibilities. With the new SSDs, users will unlock more potential from their platform. The Intel Optane SSD 900P Series is ideal for the most demanding storage workloads, including 3D rendering, complex simulations, fast game load times and more. Up to 22 times more endurance than other drives also gives the heaviest users peace of mind.”

The ship itself is the Sabre Raven, and yeah, it’s an exclusive “for a limited time.” Chris Roberts himself is talking up the deal: “Our Star Engine developers have been working on technology to improve loading times using new techniques developed for Star Citizen and optimized for the Intel Optane SSD 900P Series, which is the fastest SSD we’ve tested. We continue to enhance Star Citizen so the performance benefits with Intel Optane drives will continue to grow, alongside Star Citizen, into the future.”

More on CitizenCon right here. Here’s the Sabre Raven:

Source: Press release
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