AdventureQuest 3D overhauls classes and combat


Not content with the current state of the world, AdventureQuest 3D pushed out a patch this week that overhauled its classes and combat — a change that bodes well for the future.

“In this update we wanted to make combat feel more fun and exciting,” the team said. “We also wanted to give each of the starter classes a distinctive play style which would prepare players for upcoming classes. These updates will also set the foundation for us to start creating new classes.”

Players who jump into combat with this new patch will discover that potions now have a 10-second cooldown, movement speed is standardized in all directions, the global cooldown is reduced to a single second, damage-over-time abilities are affected by armor, crowd control has diminishing returns, buff and debuff icons, and they can be stunned. All classes now have an ultimate ability, have their own resource, have passive abilities and effets, and share a new class panel. The team also added new animation and particle effects for many attacks. Whew.

Source: Patch notes

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Wow, what welcome news! This is such a great game, with amazing devs and really lovely technical execution. It’s one of the few mobile MMOs that hasn’t succumbed to incessant playtime rewards and self-completing quests. It’s a full-on MMO that just happens to be on mobile. But the big holdback for me has always been combat: so unbearably slow and repetitive. Spamming the same few long-casting skills over and over. I’m really happy to hear they’re redoing it. Redownloading now!

Castagere Shaikura

Did they ever do something about mob placement and respawn rate? Mobs are on top of each other and respawn really fast.


loving AQ3d being in some kind of spotlight

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George Wilson III

Glad to see AdventureQuest3D getting coverage.