The Daily Grind: How long does it take you to get attached to an MMO?

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As the current author of our Choose My Adventure column, I was going to open this off by saying that a month isn’t really enough for me to get attached to an MMO. But that’s not true; within a month of starting Star Trek Online back near its launch, I was hooked. I still look at it fondly and follow the game, even though it’s hardly my main title at the moment. The attachment is there.

Other games take longer. I think it took a good half a year before I felt really attached to Final Fantasy XIV, I certainly wasn’t attached to City of Heroes until a few months into my second attempt to enjoy the game, and it did take about three before World of Warcraft became a main game for me in the heady days of launch. So what about you, dear readers? How long does it take you to get attached to an MMO? When do you consider the game a big part of your gaming habits and/or history?

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Grim? Darhk

Oh, not having an obnoxious cash shop is a big plus. FF14 and WoW both have one, but neither are obnoxious, and truly feel like optional items.

Grim? Darhk

A day or two, if there’s something to keep me playing. Just started ff14 again after two years…..Really enjoying it so far. Honestly, I just don’t have good first impressions with games. When ever I come back to a game I usually end up liking it. I couldn’t stand GW2 or FF14, now I consider both of them current favorites.

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I find it is taking longer and longer, and I get less and less attached to MMO’s
Not saying everything is crap, just seem to be losing interest, no one is really innovating.


Apart from all different things mmo’s do when they try to get my attention, ultimately it all comes down to the story – it has to be well written and interesting. That’s why I only played 3 mmo’s for yesrs: WoW, SWTOR and FFXIV. Each one of them got me attached immediately.


It varies. I was already attached to STO and SWTOR before I even started playing because of my love for the IPs. I was hooked on TSW within minutes because of the story. WoW has taken the longest at a couple of weeks, the usual routine of researching and testing to make sure the game is worth my time & money.

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I can get attached pretty quickly, the problem is how long it takes for me to detach again. I will play a new hotness pretty obsessively, but whether or not that hotness lasts for a day, or a week, or a month is the question. Although I’ll admit, I’m now jumping into FFXIV for the, I don’t know, third, fourth time, and because of the new player server bonus, I’m already 46, did the majority of my job quest, and finally pushed past the Sylph slog, and doing several of the 30-40 dungeons sort of cemented my love of the game, not to mention, everybody is sooo bloody nice in this game, the community is a blessing.

Ket Viliano

If the game is really any good, about 20 minutes.

Most games … put bouncey numbers on the screen, floating nameplates, assorted UI clutter, grind till you are blind leveling systems, infinigank no safe zone pvp, Ca$h $hope $henanigan$, buggy code as the boss mob of the game, intrusive spyware permanently inserted into the OS kernal masquerading as a cheat prevention system, or a generic, flavorless Tolkien knock off game world.

That kind of stuff makes a game hard to love.

Castagere Shaikura

When mmo’s were a new genre i was amazed and loved them. I would play up to 3 at a time paying those monthly subs without a care in the world because they were really social games. Today though it just seems like cash grabs and anti social behavior from players have killed my love of these games. I only play those older games or emulators of shutdown games. Everytime i login to the newer mmo’s i quit them all within two weeks. I just can’t get hooked on any of these post Wow mmo’s.

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If it doesn’t do it in a few days I move on.


Fairly quickly. If a game pushes all the right buttons right off the bat, i’m hooked. I may stop playing it after a while because sustainability is a totally different quality, but i will always maintain that “connection” just like you mentioned, Eliot.