Building MMO Boundless reaches 181 updates while still in early access


Whether or not you have forgotten that Boundless (formerly Oort Online) even existed, this voxel-based building MMO has been steadily churning out updates in its early access program. In fact, Boundless just came out with Update 181 with no signs that its team is willing (or able!) to slow down. Well, actually Update 181 is all about signs, but you know what we mean.

The sandbox recently “re-re-balanced” its XP and progression systems and still features regular wipes and resets due to testing needs. Other updates over the past few months revolved around chisels, beacon permissions, initial support for multiple characters, creature threat, the tutorial, build progression, and about a billion other things.

This Minecraft-inspired title might be worth a closer look at this point, especially as it’s sporting many positive reviews on Steam. We’ve put up a couple of guide videos to help you familiarize yourself with Boundless after the jump.

Source: Boundless. Thanks Saryent!

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Last time I tried it (chisel shape update) it was so insanely unstable I was disconnected from my world every 30-90 seconds (!). You end up at the hub, walk through the portal again, walk a few steps … bam.
It has a nice, unique aesthetics to it but I find it intensely grindy (find the artefact bits to craft anything a bit more useful or higher) with the ores way too rare or not existing on your world at all and the world regenerating so fast you can become locked into your mine quickly.
Add to that the really rudimentary combat and you have a building game that makes building way too tedious, the claims (no regneration and your stuff is protected from others) need all that work to be extended block by block in every of the 3 dimension … it is very disappointing and off-putting.


Last I checked this game was 40$
I don’t think its ever gone on sale and for something like this that price tag is way to high. I doubt it’ll ever launch either. The community is just fizzling away.

I miss Landmark too :(


I miss Landmark

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But whatever happened to Rick Astley????


Last I saw, in Tokyo playing with the Foo Fighters.