Dauntless has rolled out a fresh newbie experience and character customization

Dauntless has rolled out a fresh newbie experience and character customization

Closed beta MMOARPG Dauntless is rolling out what Phoenix Labs is calling its first major content update, dubbed Forge Your Legend and bejeweled with “a range of player feedback from the first months of Closed Beta.” Of note, the character customization in the game has received a meaty overhaul, with new hairstyles and makeup, a new barber NPC, and a free appearance reset. (Beards and face paint are still on the way.) Newbies will find themselves treated to a “new introductory player experience” and tutorial island, while all early backers can also jump into the new Dark Harvest events and check out the new armor and weapon art that has finally displaced all the placeholders.

What’s still on the horizon?

“In December, the next major Closed Beta expansion will reimagine the Dauntless story and progression, providing players with more exciting hunting options and activities. Slayers will also be able to master a brand new weapon class and expanded combat abilities, while customizing their weapons and armor in a new gear progression system. Two new Behemoths will also begin stalking the Shattered Isles, providing players with new challenges to overcome.”

Source: Official site, press release

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Grave Knight

Actually I’m a little sad they’re removing their parentage system for character creation. They should at least keep it as an alternative to presets or even just for having a basis.


Looking forward to trying this when its free.

Kickstarter Donor

Still only 4 Melee weapons?

Loyal Patron
Skai R

They’re also not using loot boxes, but instead allowing you to buy what you want straight out.