DC Universe Online is shutting down PlayStation 3 support in 2018

Sure, fine, great.
The official announcement is titled “Changes coming to DC Universe Online for PlayStation 3,” but it’s really just one change for DC Universe Online. Specifically, that one change will be that the game is no longer available for the PlayStation 3. If you’ve been getting by on nothing more than the aging console for your platform of choice, you will have to either upgrade to a newer console or wave farewell as of January 31st, 2018, as Daybreak says it’s planning to “focus [its] resources on further optimizing the game for PlayStation 4.”

On the bright side, migrating to PlayStation 4 means keeping all of your achievements, subscriptions, unlocks, and so forth as long as you use the same PSN account on both platforms. So you won’t actually lose any progress by upgrading. Still, you’re going to need to upgrade if you’ve been sticking with the console this time; hopefully the upgrade will mean a better experience for players on all platforms and chances for the developers to push for better content.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Greaterdivinity, Jose, ChaosConstant, and Eric for the tip!

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Bruno Brito

Well, the game was held up so much because of this support, let’s see if they do something with it now.

This is Daybreak tho. Who am i kidding?


/waves farewell
I don’t have/want a PS4.

Wilhelm Arcturus

Given that Sony itself is slowly ramping down support for PS3 after a long run, I suppose this isn’t a huge surprise. PS4 has been out for four years now and the PS3 is past the 11 year mark.

Still, SOE kept EQOA running on PS2 until Sony was practically pulling the plug on any support.

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Jack Pipsam

That is at least a very long leeway all things considering, sometimes we don’t even know a whole game is closing down until a few weeks before or even just barely before. I think

Daybreak did the respectful and proper move here by announcing their disruption plans really far in advance.

PS. Here’s hoping any neat PS4 optimisation also comes to the Xbox One port.