Project Genom is finally implementing questing and begins work on weather


Early access sci-fi MMO Project Genom has a dev team update that’s bigger than it first appears. “The first small quest appeared on the test servers,” says NeuronHaze. “It means that we came even closer to presenting a full-fledged updated quest system.”

In addition to building out new mech animations, the video for which we’ve included down below, the team says it’s working on biomes – including the sulfur lakes and riverlands. Even more intriguingly, weather is finally on the way.

“Our team began working on the implementation of the weather conditions dynamic change system. In the future, we would like the weather not to simply revive the game world but also to affect the gameplay. For example, it will be more difficult to move around in a snowstorm, limited visibility will make it harder to see the approaching enemy in time, and there will be a chance for the unprepared travelers to receive the Hypothermia debuff.”