Armored Warfare announces China-themed Art of War expansion and November Steam launch

2 has today announced a massive new expansion for its MMOsy wargame Armored Warfare. Dubbed Art of War, it’s due out “later this year” and features “a brand-new map set in the rural parts of South China,” new vehicles, better graphics, community-requested QOL tweaks, a commander system overhaul, and updates for the Waterway map.

“The brand new Seven Steps map will take players to South China. The rural area of the Baise region became a battlefield between mercenaries hired to protect civilians and ruthless corporate forces. Local triads have hidden a cache of valuable intelligence along with their ill-gotten fortune somewhere in a local village. Although they were soundly defeated, their secret remains buried in the general area. Commander, take the area and destroy your opponents to begin the search for what might set your forces up for life!”

Even better? The game is launching on Steam on November 10th ahead of the update. Check out the preview trailer below!

Source: Press release

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Jeff Mauney

“Launching on Steam on November 10th…”

Thank God! Maybe that will get the population up to a level where you can actually get in a PvP match. Their advertising has been horrifically bad. I’m pretty sure is run by a roomful of persistently drunk Russians.

chriskovo .

Really wish this game was not dead. I had more fun in this than in World of Tanks