ECO drops a massive alpha build with world laws, player contracts, and fishing


It is high time that we check back in with ECO, that multiplayer world ecosystem simulator, because there’s some major happenings going on in this game. The team recently dropped its Alpha 6 patch, bringing a ton of sparkly features to this in-development title.

One of the coolest new features that debuted in Alpha 6 is being able to customize your game worlds: “The new law system introduces a new way to construct laws for your Eco worlds. Build laws composed of many different conditional statements and effects, with a simple drop-down based interface.”

Other changes include “physical” mining that involves physics, the addition of durability to tools, additional plant and animal species (hope you like trout!), fishing (hope you REALLY like trout!), a contract board for jobs, reputation that players can give each other, player objectives, player credit, more skill options, improved graphics, better optimization, and debris when you chop a tree down.

Source: ECO

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Tobasco da Gama

This is the meaty stuff! The graphics are looking pretty good, too.

Kickstarter Donor

This game really interests me. I really want to play it but don’t know if I want to play it in alpha or pay for the alpha…. It is only $40… I’m pretty big cheapskate though…

Raimo Kangasniemi

If you have any doubts, then probably better wait until it moves past Alpha.

It certainly interests me too.