Elder Scrolls Legends joins ESO in the Clockwork City

The Clockwork City looked so inviting and cool that Elder Scrolls Online’s card battling little brother wanted to get in on the fun. Elder Scrolls Legends this week announced its preparations for the November 30th release of Return to Clockwork City.

This story expansion pack will include 55 brand-new cards and 35 missions to keep players busy and from getting too complacent in their builds. Obviously, mechanical constructs and clockwork creations will be part of the set list, and an “assemble” key word will allow a card to spread bonuses among all other creatures of its type.

The team is also adding a treasure hunting mechanic: “While in play, adventurous fellows with the Treasure Hunt ability will watch each card you draw, checking to see if it’s the treasure they’re seeking. Once you’ve drawn everything they want, they’ll reward you for your effort.”

Pre-orders for the expansion are now open, and players can choose to either pay $20 for all of it or wait to purchase a third of the set at a time with money or in-game gold.

Source: Bethesda
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Does every IP need a cash grab CCG?

Vik Brummer

Serious question but have you played the game? It’s a tonne of fun and you really don’t have to spend money if you don’t want to.



The playerbase is actually concerned about the game’s longevity due to their ‘weird’ payment model. That’s no different than most online games out there, except here in ES:L people are actually asking to be charged more via microtransactions and whatnot. Such generosity cannot last and if it does, other devs will have a lot of explaining to do.

I have 100% of the cards of the Dark Brotherhood, 80 or so % of the base game and like 60-70% of the cards of the Skyrim expansion. And with the exception of The Dark Brotherhood I haven’t spent a cent. I actually feel bad for not having spent more, because these devs 100% deserve it (I just don’t like RNG factor of packs, so I buy expansions instead).

This game is the best value for money out there.