Fortnite’s patch today adds mute to voice chat and boosts quest item drop frequency


Fortnite’s smallish 1.8.1 update is live today, and probably the most important addition is actually something that helps you delete things from the game: player voices, to be exact. Yep, you can now mute other players in voice chat. Hooray! Expect improved quest drops, fixes for battle royale gameplay, optimizations, improved team UI, and a minor daily challenge rebalance. Over on the PvE side, players will see better matchmaking, tweaks to a few clsses, and improvement to “the frequency of quest item drops to avoid frustrating unlucky streaks.”

Servers are up as of this morning, though Epic says “you may run into a short queue when connecting.”

Stay tuned for tonight at 7 p.m. EDT, when MOP’s Stream Team will return again to the game!

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Developers take note: The first thing you should design when implementing voice chat? A mute option.