Overwatch competitive season 7 begins, PTR sees more Mercy nerfs


If you missed it in between all the releases about the many e-sports teams vying for the top of the heap in Overwatch’s e-sports league, season seven of the actual game’s competitive mode began this week, for everyone – even if you’re not signed to a multi-million-dollar team. Huh. Welp, enjoy a whole season of probably losing your rating again!

Meanwhile, if you listened to Jeff Kaplan’s dev vlog last week, you already knew to expect another slew of Mercy nerfs, and they have indeed arrived on the PTR, along with a small nerf for Ana to boot.

“We feel that Mercy’s recent rework has been successful, but her Resurrect ability still feels too strong and frustrating to play against,” Blizzard writes in the patch notes. “Now that it has a cast time, there is more room for enemies to counter the ability. However, casting Resurrect happens instantly when Valkyrie is active. This should make her feel powerful when she transforms on the battlefield.”


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as someone that plays mercy as well as pharah, i agree with the nerf. it is fun when playing mercy to have lots of key rez’s, but playing against her I can see the rez’s are still a bit much.


“along with a small nerf for Ana”

she was actually buffed, not nerfed.


Mercy’s kit is always going to be problematic because it does too much. She’s the best single-target healer, she can boost the damage of allies as well, oh and she can fly/glide and she passively self-heals similar to the Doctor from Team Fortress 2. That’s on top of her now free resurrection every 30 seconds or whatever.

So basically she can evade enemy fire like none of the other healers can (Lucio, Zenyatta, Ana), all the while healing off any damage she takes, and the whole time she’s clinging to Pharahs or others boosting their damage and keeping them topped off on health.

They seriously need to cut something out of her kit and give it to a new support. Or just straight-up remove resurrection because it’s too dang powerful and will always make Mercy a must-have. Could bring in a new support hero who specifically revolves around resurrection, but Mercy is just too powerful as-is even if she had it removed from her kit and replaced with maybe something like an anti-death field where heroes literally never die as long as it’s active and they’re standing within the radius.


Lol mercy is still incredibly powerful even with the change. They need to slow how much self healing she gets.

John Kiser

I don’t really have trouble killing her honestly. The shit that annoys me more than anything is how nimble Pharah gets to be (she can avoid almost anyone short of bastion, orisa, or people that do strong fast single shot damage). Then you have a whole slew of other crap going on with the game’s overall balance. I wish people would actively call blizzard out on balance stuff in their games a bit more. They seem to do what they favor doing instead of what they need to be doing.