PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Patch delay, avoiding the Chinese ban, and PUBG as a ‘multiplayer thriller’

Were you looking forward to the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds patch scheduled for today? Vaulting? Climbing? The new vertical maps? Sorry. It’s not happening. Yet.

“We had an unexpected issue during internal testing. Unfortunately we’ve been unable to solve the issue just yet,” Bluehole tweeted. “When the test servers are deployed, we will be running them for a long time and it’s crucial that they operate in a stable environment. Therefore we feel that we have to delay the first test schedule for PC 1.0 to allow for a smooth testing of the new features and content. We are doing our best to resolve the issue quickly and we will announce the schedules once it’s resolved. Thank you for your understanding.”

Earlier this week, we reported on the widespread suspicion that a recently proclamation from a Chinese regulatory body regarding PUBG’s suitability for “young consumers” meant a “death sentence” for the game in the very region that has propelled it to success. But another industry analyst has now rejected that idea, seemingly implying that all Bluehole need to do avoid a ban is never formally launch.

Finally, if you’re still wondering why the heck PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds┬áis currently the most-played game in the world? Extra Credits thinks it’s figured out why. The channel’s latest video argues that PUBG is a “multiplayer thriller,” not an action game, that involves a lot of tense and exciting… nothing… that makes use of horror-narrative techniques to generate drama. Enjoy!

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