Roblox adds Xbox One cross-play, is now a ‘complete cross-platform ecosystem’


The bizarre behemoth that is Roblox is growing to even more gargantuan proportions as the team continues to connect its community. The social gaming platform just introduced cross-play for Xbox One, linking up the console to the rest of Roblox’s global playerbase. The Xbox One version of the game was launched in January 2016.

World leaders say that there is no cause for alarm but that we should prepare for a new world order that is dictated by the whims of millions of Roblox players. And yes, that’s millions — as in “60 million active monthly users.” Indeed, the game recently cycled into SuperData’s top 10 PC revenue chart.

“By uniting console players with the larger Roblox community, we now have a complete cross-platform ecosystem that encompasses every type of device available on the market, from smartphones, to tablets, computers, consoles, and VR headsets,” the team said.

Source: Roblox

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Good for them. I think the more games that can manage this the more people will expect it and then the more likely it will happen to other games. Not that I think this will be an over night change or anything. I just like not having to worry if my friends gaming system of choice is different from my gaming system of choice.

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Jack Pipsam

I know Roblox is always listed highly in the ‘current games now’ section on the Xbox Store and even the Windows 10 store always has it listed highly.

It’s is a great step to make things even bigger.


I seem to be too stupid for this “game”. After install and start I’ve stared at this list of game options, most were no appealing sounding, several were but did not start (some error message), one did start and I had fallen through the world and saw the map from below – no way of getting up there.
Is there anything besides shooter like stuff to begin with??

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when you find out your roblox gf is only dating you for your robux