BlizzCon 2017: Hearthstone announces Kobolds and Catacombs expansion with single-player dungeon run

So what WILL you take?
On one of the best BlizzCon stages to date, Hearthstone Game Director Ben Brode stole the crowd’s collective candle with an announcement of the card game’s next expansion.

Coming soon to the game is Kobolds and Catacombs, a throwback to classic D&D tabletop gaming with a crazy Blizzard twist. In addition to the debut of legendary weapon cards, 135 total new cards, and a “recruit” key word, the expansion is introducing a brand-new single-player experience called Dungeon Run.

Brode took the audience through a Choose Your Own Adventure-like experience as an example of what to expect with this type of gameplay. It’s “essentially a Hearthstone roguelike,” if you can wrap your mind around that. The best part? The Dungeon Run part of the expansion will be completely free for all players.

Blizzard is giving all players who log in starting on November 6th a free Marin the Fox card. Take that, but remember: You no take candle!

Source: Hearthstone
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Can’t wait. The trailer is great, especially since it’s Matthew Mercer singing.

And they added a new game mode, which I totally called. :)

Here’s the announcement video if anyone’s interested.