A meteor crashed into Warframe as part of the Operation Plague Star event

A meteor crashed into Warframe as part of the Operation Plague Star event
Warframe’s 100th developer stream this past weekend may have been overshadowed by BlizzCon, but it’s worth digging into all the same. Here are a few of the highlights!

  • The next warframe got a little tease. Khora uses a cat-like Kavat and… a whip. A real whip, not cool whip. She’s not melee. The devs also hinted at new new Grineer Ghoul enemies and a new Eidolon Teralyst boss.
  • Plains of Eidolon is currently working through Xbox certification. The devs acknowledged that the expansion is tricky and not perfect just yet, but in the meantime, you should probably check out the giant meteor that just smashed into the gameworld as part of the Operation Plague Star event. Hint hint.
  • The focus system is under scrutiny right now as the devs try to strike a balance between focus farmers and casuals. In the future, players might get focus respecs and boosted capacity.
  • Bounties are getting a bit of a rework with rewards coming at each stage, not just at the very end. Login rewards are due for an overhaul as well (they’ll be on a 50-day track so you can get some of them sooner insteas of waiting a zillion years).
  • Expect love coming for operator animations, more open world levels on more plants, new dojo decorations, enhancements for clans, and upcoming planetary relay building events.
  • There are no raids currently under construction (apparently, not a lot of players dig them), so development is being aimed at the open world instead.

Source: Reddit. Thanks so much, Sophiskiai!

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Chosenxeno .

There should have been an item that gets you to the Plains of Eidolon Level. People coming in are literally years behind already.

Chosenxeno .

Warframe is cool but it just feels like there’s no catching up. They need to add something.


I love me some Warframe! I’m also currently trying to get into Destiny 2 on the pc but I think the fast pace and customization of WF has spoiled me.

Warframe is going to be amazing once it officially launches….