Fortnite racks up 20 million players like a boss


With the millions of players flooding into Fortnite, the zombies don’t stand a chance. Heck, they’re probably an endangered species.

Less than a month after Epic Games announced that Fortnite had accumulated 10 million players since its early access launch, an additional 10 million decided to check out the action of this battle royale base builder.

“We just passed 20 million players across all of Fortnite since launch,” the team posted on Twitter. “Thanks to everyone who keeps making the community and the game awesome!”

And at least 18 million of those players have been hiding in bushes during the battle royale matches. Good news for the bush people, then, because Fortnite is about to make this desired hiding spot mobile in an upcoming patch. (“We said nerf the bush, not buff it!” one player whined.)

Source: Twitter. Thanks!
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William Wyrick

Not trying to be that guy but um it’s FREE. So the numbers aren’t as impressive as in they actually paid a price cause then that would be insane.


id say 20 millions is pretty much even for a free game


not everything is free and info is for all Fortnite, including PvE paid mode :)

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Richard de Leon III

meh, what interest i had went away with the BR focus. I wanted coop pve, even tho i can stick with that mode, the lockbox system killed that too.

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I’m not playing until I get classic Fortnite servers! Only the vanilla experience for me.


“Make a BR game, and they will come.”

Melissa McDonald

So, just shoot at bushes. Geez, ya’ll need me to help with everything? :P