Destiny 2 once again denies misidentifying cheaters in latest ban wave

When Destiny 2 launched on PC just two weeks ago, the cheater ban waves began. Players revolted, arguing that they hadn’t been cheating and indeed that they had only innocuous programs running on their machines. Bungie initially scoffed at the claims, diplomatically calling them “internet BS,” but then had to walk all that back following a deeper investigation, overturning an undisclosed number of bans of people banned in error. The end result? People don’t believe Bungie when Bungie says its bans are legit.

And now it’s happening again. As Kotaku reports, the Destiny 2 forums are overrun with banned players arguing they aren’t cheaters but instead are being flagged for unrelated third-party programs, like kernel debuggers and Visual Studio used in actual game development.

But Bungie is once again denying that its detection could be overzealous.

“We looked into it. Our recent wave of protective security measures were reviewed extensively and all were identified as having cheat tools running multiple times.”


Source: Bungie, Kotaku
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