Trove’s Adventures update is coming next week

Feeling that ol’ MMORPG ennui this autumn? Looking for a brave new world to plunder? Trove might just fit the bill, especially after next week’s content update.

The Adventures expansion is slated for November 14th, bringing a whole host of changes and additions to this wacky sandbox MMO. There’s a lot going on with this update, too, such as a massive overhaul to the club (guild) system, a brand-new Asian-themed Forbidden Spires biome, unlimited mastery leveling, leaderboard rewards, and special Framework recipes with pre-built designs.

Trove’s Adventures will simultaneously release on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One next Tuesday. Get caught up on several of the new systems by watching the dev discussions on the Adventures updates after the break!

Source: Press release

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Grave Knight

Have they changed the network code so there aren’t massive lag spikes every 5 seconds because the servers can’t handle more than 10 people in an instance?


Trove sure has kept going with a lot of updates and changes. Of course not everybody is always going to be happy with all changes, but it keeps things fresh and always gives more to do :D

I’m enjoying it lately and looking forward to seeing what new things they add.

I like that it’s a game where you don’t have to normally worry about leveling (lots of people do, but you don’t *have* to). All the story stuff they put in and events can normally always be done by all levels of people in the earlier game levels as well. You have the option to go into the difficulty you want. So low level players can experience all the same story that high level players can, and you don’t need to worry about rushing your power level up.

For some people power is what makes them happy and it’s a prestige thing so they still do it, but you don’t have to in order to experience most of what the game has to offer :D

It’s also one of the only MMORPGs I know of where players make stuff for the game (design dungeons, items, costumes, etc) and the stuff gets put in the game for everybody. Officially all over the entire MMORPG, not just on your own little plot, not just as a mod as part of a semi multiplayer game, it’s there for good for everybody in an MMORPG.

There are numerous interesting things that keep me coming back to the game. I’m happy to see more development and changes coming. Sadly their server doesn’t always keep up when new stuff is released, I mean it can get really bad off and on for a while when new stuff comes out, but it’s otherwise a nice little fun break to go on a bit each day.