ArcheAge promises better communication, but the community isn’t having it

A lengthy letter from the ArcheAge team about the state of the game and its direction forward isn’t making a lot of people in the community excited. On the contrary, Reddit lit up with grumblings and complaints over the post, with some taking particular umbrage with Trion’s claims of “more direct communication from the core ArcheAge team.”

“The letter doesn’t address any core problems the community has with the game. It doesn’t even acknowledge them,” one player posted.

“It’s a little disappointing not only for me but I imagine the community when you don’t change anything you say. It’s simply damage control on certain issues by distracting us with another,” said another.

For its part, Trion said that it will be translating and posting development diaries from the Korean team as soon as they come out overseas. Associate Producer Celestrata acknowledged the studio’s failings and stated, “We need to forge onwards and do what we can to get things straight.”

As for the letter itself, Trion discussed the upcoming battle balance patch, adjustments to the marketplace, how the team is handling the fresh start servers, the lunagem system, and tailoring updates for the west – including the Maelstrom update announced yesterday.

Source: ArcheAge, Reddit. Thanks Kinya!

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Doctor Sweers

Really enjoyed this game during alpha and even for a while after launch. This last server merger was just the final blow for me. What’s funny is that the positive PR spin Trion attempted to throw out there with each server merger is what chapped my ass the most. It wasn’t exciting and it wasn’t fun. They botched the first merger and I still came back to the game after pouting about my lost lands. Where’s my GW Bush meme….


Anyone that is still playing Archeage at this point must really like the abuse. Nothing has changed with Trion since launch -they are not to be trusted.


Brings back fond memories of Elizabeth Tobey’s shenanigans during her tenure at Trion and with Defiance. That was more than enough to inform how AA was going to go. Not surprised to see as well things are still rotten from the top down.


We’ve been hearing these same comments since release from Trion they just had different names behind them.


Well, you reap what you sow. Hate to be trite about it, but that is what they get now after their past mismanagement.

I was a patron of AA. Went through the ups of early access and the downs at launch and for three months after that. And, I know there are some good people over there at Trion. Good hard working devs and Community reps who have been on the frontlines all these many months. I feel for them, I really do.

But the issues have been so repetitive, so glaringly obvious and XLgames so ineffective that good comms no longer serve Trion. It is not enough.


Game’s been out for 3 years, has had almost nothing but controversy every few months minimum, and every time Trion keeps saying they’ll do better.

Yeah I wonder why people aren’t believing it. Most MMOs only get a year or so to redeem themselves before being doomed to nichedom/struggling to survive.


In some(many?) cases game developers definition of better communication is “players just don’t understand our design choices, so lets explain it even louder”, instead of “players don’t like our design choices, lets communicate with them to understand why they complain and what needs re-design”.

ichi sakari

fool me once, shame on you, fool me a hundred and ninety-seven times, shame on everyone involved

great game, please stop playing it


Stop playing this game people. I played it once; I liked it and thought it had a lot of promise but it is f*** up beyond belief due to imbalances, PTW, and poor optimization and in all the years its been since, I still only ever hear how bad it still is. Just let this thing die.

Tom R

Archeage has been nothing but “sorry for the quality” posts since it launched in NA.

I wonder how many PR people they’ve gone through. At some point apologizing for things over and over must get old.

“Sorry we suck, we’ll try harder”

“sorry we still suck, we’re trying but not hard enough”

“sorry…we sucked again, we forgot to keep trying…”

A Dad Supreme


…if Trion was just a sliver as good at their customer service and follow-through as they are at their lip service and deflection, they would truly be one great company again.

But because they aren’t, they get the Red Hat Award.