Revelation Online’s ShadowBlade expansion introduces a new class and major class perks

1 announced this morning that it’s plotting a new expansion for Revelation Online. It’s called ShadowBlade, yes with CamelCase! The studio is promising a questline for a motorbike (hell yes), new class-specific questlines, and class-swapping gear, all of which sounds nifty. But the headline feature is of course the Assassin class itself.

“In this expansion, the highly anticipated seventh class, the Assassin, will step out from the shadows of Nuanor to make its lethal appearance. Highly trained at silently stalking its opponent, this class is a melee expert skilled both in daggers for short-range combat and chain weapons for mid-range assassinations. It is also the only class in the game with stealth skills, changing the overall gameplay and allowing players to wait for the perfect moment to ambush enemies.”

There’s no date given for the launch, just “soon.” Check out the new trailer!

Source: Press release, official site
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Wow! So Revelation Online’s trailers still rank right up there, don’t they? Complete with a Game of Thrones twist ending. Lol! Nice.

So… when it comes to game play, the Shadow Blade is going to do all of that? Dizzying amount of abilities hinted at there. I know this isn’t how it will be in game, but, still. Most trailers do hint at what a class can do. And this guy, well… Is he going to ride a motorcycle mount with a razor sharp whip tail too? LOL.

I’ll out this new class when it drops IF it doesn’t come out of a loot box. ;)