Ship of Heroes plans even more improvements for its character creator


With Ship of Heroes’ beta test about a year away, fans of the sci-fi superhero MMORPG have a lot of time on their hands. Hopefully some of that time will soon be spent fiddling about with a new and improved character creation tool.

The team reported that the recent test gave invaluable feedback for the system: “The alpha showed that the CCT is a robust tool which functioned well on every computer, and that it has some amazing features, especially for customizing the face of the character. But we also found some bugs.”

These bugs and the responses of testers has prompted the team to make the character creation tool far better than before. Improvements planned include more camera views, more costume pieces, a slider for height, a larger range for waists, a revamp of the hair models, more skin options, more eye types, and the possibility of allowing players to add symbols to costumes.


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Hopefully that last paragraph isn’t just talk, all those features would make for a more entertaining game.

One thing i noticed is they seem to be going for realistic skintones, less Avengers more Guardians of the Galaxy please, i don’t want Superman i want the In-betweener, Beta Ray Bill or the Swamp Thing.


The Spinels of Justice

Ruby Rhod
Emerald Lagasse
The Mad Turquoise
Saphirin Mahlazers
Amethyst Alpinist

Keep up the good work SoH!

justin something

that’s hilarious. i want to play the Mad Turquise (but i want him to have a long mustache and throw bombs with long bugs bunny fuses)…

i think the guys in the pic are meant to show color variation of the same costume. would have been better to mix and match the 5 costume pieces with other clothes and show the way color and texture could be set for different effects that way.


/Land of the Lustrous o.O